Dave DiLorenzo (Paul)


A veteran of the pro gig circuit, including the female-fronted party legends The Party Dolls,  guitarist David Dilorenzo captures the dynamic vocals and guitar playing expertise of Paul McCartney.   By blood he's a bit more Lascari, Italy than Liverpool, England, but still has been christened the "Italian Sir Paul" not only for his swarthy frame but because of his equally passionate delivery of  McCartney's ballads and belters. Dave has made his entire music career a living testament to his credo, Veni, Vidi, Gestari, which translates to  "I came, I saw, I rocked."  

Steve Goodman (John)


Keyboardist Steve Goodman was raised on the Beatles and 60s music.  He was given every Beatle record at birth, which he wore out on his Fisher Price toy turntable, and in his niavete was not able to discern between hits and deep cuts, and loved them equally.  Self-taught on transistor organs (he got his first Farfisa at age 8) Steve did his first gig at a Beatlefest at age 13 where he was traumatized by having to play the solo from "I'm Down" on a Fender Rhodes electric piano. He spent the next several decades woodshedding and now fancies himself a specialist in psychedelic rock and vintage keyboard sounds. He's adopted the philosophy "have a good time, all the time" and believes everything in the musical universe sounds better with Mellotron flutes. 

Keith Droz (Ringo)


Also a talented multi-instrumentalist and a walking metronome, Keith drums professionally in several East Coast tribute acts including The Royal Scam (Steely Dan tribute), and 52nd Street (Billy Joel tribute), as well as keeping the beat for the Queen of Motown, Martha Reeves & the Vandellas.   Keith is a vocal chameleon and has an encyclopedic mind for musical arrangements, and is in Fabforward's
driver's seat with his tight and dynamic drumming.  

Kerri Parrot (Bass Guitar)


Bassist Kerri Parrott's collection of go go boots, Hofner basses and Beatles lunchboxes is the envy of all go-go boot wearing bass players everywhere.  She was the founder  and member of one of the most popular all female club bands on the East Coast, Good Girl's Don't, which performed at major clubs on the east coast along with appearing  at the PNC Arts Center, the Roseland Ballroom and Palladium in NYC, and on MTV.  As An alumnus of the all-girl Beatles tribute The Sheatles, she performed at Citifield in 2005 to commemorate The Beatles 1965 Shea Stadium appearance at the request of legendary Beatles promoter Sid Bernstein. Kerri lays down the groove and punch on a Rickenbacker and Fender Jazz bass as McCartney did.  Known affectionately by her bandmates as the "She-Wolf of Sussex" Kerri leads the pack and is a fierce musical, business and personal force to be reckoned with.  

Bob Spro


Bobby has been playing music professionally for over 35 years, having gigged in clubs, showrooms and private affairs alike, most notably as a long time member of the Troublemakers as well as an original member of 52nd Street, a tribute to Billy Joel.  His musical inspiration comes from unsung heroes such as George Harrison and Rick Wright of Pink Floyd, who anchored their respective bands with delicate and colorful instrumental lines combined with tight, harmony singing. He is famous for his instrumental promiscuity,  hooking up with whatever instrument is needed to complete the sound.